What we do?


  • On occasion of Panthic congregations, assist local management for — making appropriate arrangements to maintain respect of Shri Guru Granth Sahib jee’s Darbaar

— providing facilities to sangat visiting Guru Darbaar to pay  obeisance, such as Jora Ghar, Information/Lost/Found Center, Stroller storage, Diaper Changing Stations, Feeding Mothers enclosure, Disabled persons assistance, Hand Wash stations

  • Assist newly migrated families for jobs, driver’s license, education counselling
  • Assist needy family of the deceased persons, for Funeral Costs, religious ceremonies etc.
  • Grant scholarships to young volunteers, who has joined sevadaar.com and are freshmen or current college students. Scholarships to be decided for participating in annual Essay writing competition of minimum 500 words covering any three of the following items-
    • academic and extracurricular accomplishments.  
    • Concept of Seva (selfless service). How he/she have involved in Seva related activities.
    • What you learned doing Seva?
    • How do you plan to incorporate Seva as part of your life in long term?
    • Who is your idol & inspiration for getting involved in Seva activities? It could be person, incident or life experience.
    • Ideas to make Seva earth friendly(green initiative) or any other innovative idea to make Seva more meaningful in today’s concept.